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Not another Star Trek Review

Posted in Movies, Star Trek with tags , on May 11, 2009 by pieman70

Saw the new JJ Abrahms Star Trek Relaunch, and it is gooooood.

I was going to open with a jokey fanboy type jibe of how it was a travasty and a slap in the face to all “Real” fans, but you know what, forget that. It is brilliant. There is fun, there is sadness there is action. Pine carries Kirks swagger with charm, Quinto really manages to bring Spock’s inner conflict to screen and Urban’s Dr McCoy is the best thing in a film filled with best things.

Criticisms, Abrahms coudl have cut down on the lens flare effect, it got a little annoying, and the Enterprise is still pretty duff, but these are small niggles in an otherwise storming film.

Trek is back. Oh yes.


It’s a Travesty

Posted in Star Trek with tags on November 21, 2008 by pieman70

Well, the first proper trailer for next summer’s Star Trek film is out, and ts terrible, the enterprise bridge doesn’t have that plywood look I crave and I bet the computer won’t make loud clicking noises when it tries to think. And look at the cast, I could be wrong but they haven’t done what I suggested and cosmetically altered the entire cast to look 40 years younger, I mean come on, this is the 21st Century and just because some actors are dead shouldn’t stop them starring. Come to think of it they didn’t use my fan script and so any other must be unsuitable.

I trust like me you will all be boycotting this travesty.

I am of course kidding. Aside from one or two niggles, and considering its a trailer, some minor fanboyish continuity issues, this looks tops. It has some very nice touches, rumours of Kirk being disgraced due to his actions in the Kobiashi Maru, the Uniforms, gods the Uniforms, they are truly genius. Karl Urban and Zachary Quinto just look so much like young versions of McCoy and Spock its unbelievable. We seem to be getting huge dollops of fan service, Christopher Pike, Sarek and Amanda, the Enterprise Under Construction.

Can I take a Newborn to see it?

SO what are my niggles. Well, the bridge, looks more bridge like, but also like a wine bar in an apple store. But it is an understandable change. The other is The Enterprise herself, saucer to deflector dish she’s fine, but the back is too squished and too truncated, and the big vents on the front of the nacelles look a bit duff. But really its more in the way of its not my favorite (A, Original, D, NX-01, C, B, New movie and the Enterprise J seen in an episode of Enterprise if you’re interested)

So, with such minor niggles, how the hells can I not be excited.

Change for changes sake

Posted in Movies, Star Trek with tags , on August 17, 2007 by pieman70

Bit of a diversion from my usual rants about commuting and topical news or things that happened near me.

Was reading an article in SFX regarding this new Star Trek remake that JJ Abrahams is doing (Still a dubious idea in my book but I hope to be proven wrong). Anyway the article itself, as there were not shots from the film available what with it being in the casting stage, was illustrated with some beautiful renders of the original pre-refit Enterprise. One of the captions however made me think; it asked would it appear in the new film. This will be a reference to the suspicion that the film will be a “Starfleet Academy” concept bandied around since the 1970s. However it made me think, would a studio re-design the Enterprise perhaps calling its design dated. It’s a worry because there will be a definite drive to make it look modern and relevant, and some might find the look of the old enterprise too 60s. I disagree, if you look at the renders you can see its a timeless design, I hope they really do focus on keeping the look consistent with how classic trek looked, not wobbly sets and velour uniforms, but the look and feel but with a higher budget. Above all Abrahams should be very careful of change for changes sake.