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Secret Invasion

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Well its all wrapped up, and there will probably be a few more posts on Dark Reign and my hopes for it and various other musings.

Regardless, if you are waiting for the trades or something, this is spoilerific so look away now.

Reactions to issue #8, good issue, but it was more wrapping up than anything else. This looked more like it was setting things up for the future, with Hulkling saddened by the plight of the skrulls, baby Cage taken, and obviously Wasp dead. I also liked the reference to the minor trinity in Avengers of Thor, Cap and Iron Man, and how this is still very much broken. I hope Dark Reign does something to repair the bonds between those three. Finally, the twist at the end? Wow, didn’t see that coming, and I’ve seen Norman bigging himself up in Thunderbolts. It is a bit shaky, because unless a side effect or Peter’s ever popular deal with the devil was that people also forget that Osbourne had a nasty habit of dressing up like a Goblin and killing blonds. Of course the other possibility is that people know he has dressed up as a Goblin, but he’s better now and has pills, hence why he was so worried that Songbird had footage of him merrily killing his way through Thunderbolts Mountain. Regardless, this is probably not a good time in the Marvel Universe to be called Spider-Man.

So, SI as a whole, wasn’t bad. But it could have been better, I think what it all comes down to is the bit in the savage land, how basically it was pointless. Re-Reading and it was filler, or a distraction, like they intended if you believe Bendis. It is probably the thing that drags the series down a fair bit.

So, the future sees Norman Osbourne and a secret Cabal of Villains, well a She0Loki, The Hood, Namor, Dr Doom (yay) and White Queen (Who’s presence will be explained) in charge of the Initiative, the Avengers and whatever replaces SHIELD. Iron Man is on the run and you can bet that whatever unofficial support Cap got will be similarly gone.

Bring Dark Reign


Secret Invasion, things kick up a notch

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And finally things pick up the pace a little, Huzzah.

A better issue, with some real plot movement happening, which is good as this event seemed stalled. There is some annoyance about the revelation that everyone on the ship was a Skrull, but tactically it makes sense, what better way to get the Avengers out of the way than send them on a wild goose chase to the savage land. Whats slightly more surprising is that Ares called it, in #2 he basically tells everyone its a decoy and to return to new york while he dealt with them, could this mean that as a god he was warned about the Skrull invasion or has a 6th sense, or it could simply be that, as he has previously stated, being a god of war doesn’t limit him to being good at cleaving things in twain, it also includes tactical thinking. It actually kind of makes me wish we’d had more issues of Mighty Avengers between civil war and secret invasion to get to know some of the more fringe characters a little bit better. Still since Maria Hill is getting some T-Shirts made up, I’ll add the first one to the pile, Areas was Right.

Second obviously is Maria Hill, who isn’t a skrull and did listen to Nick Fury, yes she got the drop on Skrull Jarvis but it does mean SHIELD is down yet another helicarrier, hope it was insured. T shirt 2, is of course, Nick fury was right.

If rumours are true this may all be Reed Richards’ fault, if so I’ll tentatively propose a third T-Shirt, Doom was right, it was all the fault of that damnable Richards.

In other corners of the MU, Ms Marvel kills stack loads of skrulls and finds something nasty in the Vault. The runaways Xavin and Young Avengers hulkling argue over who’s fault the invasion is and Captain Britain and MI13 has a strong finish where Pete Wisdom gets to do his Scarlet Witch thing and clear Britain of skrulls, sadly one of the selling points of the title is gone as it now no longer contains a Skrull who thinks he’s John Lennon. Still, good setup and definitely a keeper as a title, at least while Cornell is writing

Damn your black heart Peter David

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Back when I was a younger man I would go all in to collecting a big summer event. Anything with that event’s banner on it was mine, this obviously meant that I often picked up tie-ins with little or no bearing on the event itself (The disassembled tie ins were bad for this, and I still haven’t really forgiven anyone for Civil War – X Men.)

Anyway I’m older now and with a baby on the way, is I decided that I would minimise the impact of this event by following these rules

1. Unless you’d have picked up any new titles, don’t, aside from the SI main
2. Don’t buy every tie in with a Secret invasion banner
3. Don’t buy an X book, you know it will barely tie in
4. Double for Wolverine.

Now some would say I violated Rule 1 picking up Captain Britain and MI13, but I disagree, while I am reducing my comics load a Paul Cornell written series featuring British Super heroes is right up my street. However I have been undone, and it was the Jade Giantess She-Hulk that was my undoing, Its always the green chicks isn’t it.

The latest run of She-hulk has been pretty good, and since her sidekick Jazinda is a skrull I was looking forward to her tie in (I pick up the title anyway so no harm done) but Peter David also writes X-Factor, and while I hear its pretty good I direct you to rule 3. Only I have had to break it because the SI tie in is spread across 2 issues of X factor and 1 of She-Hulk.

like I said, Damn.

SO, brief impressions based on Parts 1 & 2 of “He Loves you” Story wise, its not too bad, Shulkie and Jazinda are looking for a skrull that tends to precede invasion, X-Factor are looking for a mutant called Darwin, little do they know that the two are hanging out together, wires are crossed and super hero fights ensue. The X-Factor issues suffered in two ways, first, for a crossover it wasn’t very noob friendly, I was left a bit confused as to who was who, this wasn’t helped by some god awful art. The She-Hulk issue was better, but I will have to sit through more of the terrible art to get a conclusion. Plus I know I failed.

I have a dislike for that sort of tie in, you know, the one where a story is carried across several different and often unassociated titles. Mainly because it causes me to fork out more cash. I’m also suspicious that I am being used to prop up an ailing title (Although with my general taste in comics the title i read is usually the ailing one)

Get On with it Bendis

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Well, after all that seriousness and ranting, lets take a moment to talk about really important issues.

It may surprise you to know that we are in fact being invaded by a shape changing race of aliens called Skrulls who believe by prophecy that the earth rightfully belongs to them. Freaky eh? And you know what, I say its a good thing, Skrulls are benevolent and nice and hardly ever kill hundreds of thousands. Lets not dwell on their past attempts at galactic domination and think instead of the good things, like how cool it would be to have a shape shifting girlfriend. Yes, think of that weak minded earthlings.


I’m not a Skrull, honest.

I am of course talking about Secret Invasion, Marvels summer event that burst on to our shelves 4 months ago. At the time it was a high octane shocker of an issue, which sadly issues #2-#4 have failed to capitalise on. I am enjoying the event but the story has seriously decompressed where a little compression wouldn’t go a miss. Basically these past 3 issues could have been condensed into 2 or 1 issues. All we’ve had is skrull fights in various locations, I want story progress. We’ve had scarce few revelations either. Hopefully #5 will pick up the pace a little and start things moving, or at least take us past what still feels like the first act.

However I will credit it with this, for a wide spanning event it has been contained. I read through #1-4 again recently and while they are referenced to varying degrees by the tie ins I’m buying, there is very little you need to know going into the main title. About the only complaint you could level is that the two Avengers titles are telling SI back story, so no adventures of your favorite teams until this event is over.

In some way I am enjoying the few tie-ins more at the moment, specifically Ms Marvel, which has admittedly been pretty much two issues of Ms. Marvel vs Skrulls, but ts been well done and serves as more of a character study and a look at a small battle in the big war. The other enjoyable tie-in has been Avengers: The initiative, with focuses on 3D man, and his Skrull detecting visor, and Crusader, a Skrull who has adopted Earth as his home.

Still hoping for a pickup in pace soon as the main is stalling quite badly at the moment.

Secret Invasion

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Well, this summer’s Marvel event hit, and it hit hard.

I will now do the obligatory warning to anyone who has not read Secret Invasion #1 and wishes to keep mystery to look away now.

Well, cracking stuff, the Skrulls make their first move, and it looks like this invasion is about to become a whole lot less…. Secret.

The Skrulls put a virus into just about all Stark Tech, which due to Stark designing all the coolest stuff, takes the Hellicarrier out of the sky and disables a huge bulk of earths satellites and presumably a good lump of SHIELD technology. And as a bonus Iron Man. The Baxter Building, The Raft, The cube and Thudnerbolt Mountain are hit, the SWORD space station destroyed, Reed Richards is shot and a massive Skrull fleet is headed for earth. It was exciting stuff and has a real feel of “We are so screwed. We also had the ship opening up to reveal a host of 70’s heroes claiming they’ve finally made it home. Also all the attacks have come with the cryptic phrase “He loves you”

I’m wondering if this is going to be more like Annihilation Conquest, where the invasion is swiftly over and next issue or issue 3 will be earth under Skrull Rule. Hope so, this is the sort of industry wide crossover I prefer, and I hope other titles will reference it in some way.

Now for some geeky analyses.

Page 1. Don’t worry, not a page by page account, It reads out a SKrull prophecy, supposedly about their world being destroyed. and we then see skrulls approaching some sort of outcast leader. This destruction, is it the massive attack by the Illuminati after the Kree/Skrull war (As seen in Illuminati #1 I think) or the result of the annihilation wave pretty much wiping out the Skrull parts of the universe, or a bit of both.

Since New Avengers #1 there’s been a hint that there are corrupting forces within both SHIELD and Hydra. Well, we now know that for an undisclosed period of time Duggan has been a Skrull. We also know from Ms Marvel that the Skrulls were sampling Human DNA just in case it became useful, could it be that an undetectable Skrull has to be in part cloned from an existing human? We don’t know since Hank Pym shot Reed before he could say which happily reveals that Pym is the SKrull in Camp Hammond seen in The Initiative Annual #1 who had a goal of putting a Skrull on every one of the 50 state initiative teams.

Jarvis was a Skrull, wow.

We See Noh-Varr in The Cube, a secure holding facility last seen in Young Avengers/Runaways during Civil War, where he took over. Is he a Skrull, or will this forgotten element of an old Marvel Knights title be a key in resisting the invasion?

We also have the crashed transport full of 70s marvel heroes. Who think they’ve returned home. Which raises more questions. Are these heroes, abducted earlier and replaced by Skrulls. I doubt it. Note Jewel and Iron man amongst their numbers. I’m going to go out on a limb here, where sadly if I’m proven wrong I will be subject to the ridicule of my peer (Look at the comments, I only have one) but the heroes on that ship are Skrulls. The “Finally made it home” comment I reckon is based on one of 2 things. 1. It could be deep cover Programming, as in they are programmed as sleepers, who are convinced they are who they look like until a certain codeword is activated. 2. There is a Skrull belief that Earth is in fact some sort of new home, with the Skrulls definitely displaced by the Annihilation wave, that old prophecy must look pretty attractive now. That could also put a timeframe on when the infiltration started. Either way, the opening of the crashed ship seemed to trigger the attack, and the pieces were all conveniently in the places to do the most damage before it was open, so My guess is it is part of the invasion plan and not escaped real people. Thunderbolt Mountain was attacked by Mar-Vell, I’d heard he may be a skrull. Thought it was a nice response to the people complaining about his return to life if he is.

Worth considering is the list of current Skrulls living on Earth.

Zavin – Super Skrull in training currently one of the Runaways
Hulkling – Son of Captain Mar-Vell and a Skrull, Currently with the Young Avengers
Jazinda(sp) – She Hulk’s sidekick, a Skrull bounty hunter, exiled from her own people because she stole some form of science that means she can’t die
Crusader – Secretly a skrull, currently in Camp Hammond with the initiative.
Ms Marvel – Not the real one, we see in a recent issue that there has been a Duplicate, probably skrull, wondering around Avengers tower. In fact her issues showed her DNA being recorded by the Skrulls for future use, she may be the prototype for the undetectable Skrulls.

If I remember the splash at the end with the returned retro heroes, Ms Marvel in her first costume is amongst them. This may bring the current number of Carol Danvers’s in the MU to 4. (The original, Warbird – the nutty one from an alternate universe, Duplicate Carol at large and seen in Ms Marvel, Duplicate Ms Marvel as seen in secret invasion)

So, theorising aside a great start. Hope for more of the same.