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War Of Kings

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WOK001_covMarvel’s other cosmic event has finally wrapped up (Ok I finally got out to buy comics) anyway it’s been quite a surprise, namely because its two run up titles (X-Men kingbreaker and Darkhawk) were a little lacklustre.

The story is of course about a second Kree/Shi-Ar war, only this time the Kree are lead by the Inhumans and their king Black Bolt, while the Shi-Ar are lead by Cyclops’s other other other brother, Vulcan.  Also involved are the newly formed Nova Corps, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Darkhawk (or should I say Razor)

This was actually quite different to the Annihilation events, in that the tie ins told other aspects of the story leaving the main effectively a self contained story regarding the progress of the war as seen by Crystal from the Kree side and Gladiator from the Shi-Ar.  The tie ins were of the good sort where they added to the story if you read Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy and Ascension, but didn’t detract from it if you didn’t, so Nova was really more about Rich’s battle with the out of control Worldmind/Ego and Guardians was half about their efforts to end the war diplomatically (With fun and disastrous results) and half about trying to avert the ultimate end to the war.

The end was spectacular, Black Bolt and Vulcan fight on a giant bomb, which eventually explodes tearing a huge hole in space, exactly as Adam warlock predicted.  Warlock manages to stop its expansion but the cost is that he becomes his evil future self, The Magus, and at the cost of Phlya and Gamera, although I doubt they will stay dead.

We now have an interesting state of affairs to the cosmic marvel universe, namely there is an empire in chaos and a dirty great rip in space, Darkhawk is on the run as while under control of the Razor personality in his armour and the Nova Corps are back to severely reduced numbers (A nice touch is that all the new Novas are in trainee uniforms similar to rich’s old “Kid Nova” suit)

Overall it was good, well written with good art and really had the impression of a large scale galactic conflict.  Tie ins were, as said before good but unintrusive and overall this was a good event, if lacking the “Galaxy is doomed” feel of the previous two, also a good example of how to run event tie-ins.  Mainstream Marvel take note.

I had my fears about what spinoff we would get from this event; I feared it would be a Starjammers in the universal rule of no area of marvel must be without X-Men of some description, although Ch’od is brilliant.  I’d have been happy with an Imperial Guard title or Inhumans, or a Darkhawk one.  Instead we’re getting Realm of Kings.

Yes, from war of Kings comes Realm of kings, stuff is coming through the big space hole, and it looks like evil avengers.  Fortunately we’re getting a couple of decent looking LS from it, Inhumans and Imperial guard.  Not really happy about blundering into another event, but at least I don’t have another ongoing to pick up.


Great comics You’re not reading damn you.

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I should point out to my one valued reader, this title isn’t actually aimed at you since you read at least one of these. However, with She-Hulk cancelled and Ms. Marvel embarking on a potentially ruinous change in status quo I thought I’d list 3 comics that are getting good reviews but not seemingly the readership. Now I’ve not heard that any of these are up for cancellation, but in these trying times there is always a risk. Notably none of these are Dark Reign tie-ins and that always means they run the risk of being dropped in favour of tie ins.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Ok, this and Nova (Will be discussed later) have their own big event in War of Kings. However Marvel’s cosmic events don’t pick up quite the audience of their earthbound cousins. Anyway, Guardians spun out of Annihilation: Conquest in much the same way that Nova spun out of Annihilation. Its been that rare thing, a title that is both a lot of fun and still has some serious plot points. Fun comes from the team not being particularly friendly and hence quite a lot of bickering. There is also the rather heavy concept that there are huge tears in the universe thanks to too many big cosmic events, and the Guardians have to seek them out and seal them. Then the team disbanded, sort of, but we still follow ex-members while focusing on the current team. Overall a very enjoyable title. Slightly duff teams are always a laugh but its fun not to have every character being deeply introspective. It also uses inserts of post-mission debriefings for great comedy effect. The seamless balance of comedy and epic cosmicness is a really good read. Fianlly, it has Rocket Raccoon and a psychic russian dog.


The first Annihilation event spin off has been a good consistent read thought. I previously had no real interest in Nova, but Post Annihilation I was intrigued to see where he would go from there. Yes, he has been very similar to Kyle Rayner of Green lantern during his last of the green lanterns phase, but Nova has really gone off in a different direction. The latest plot looks like a doozey, it may well take nova into conflict with the Newly reformed Nova Corps and Worldmind itself, all while managing to seamlessly interact with most of the major cosmic and non cosmic events.

Captain Britain and MI-13

This is one that has a good community fighting to make sure it survives. Paul Cornell has really done a good job making me care about a bunch of characters who I barely registered before. The comic has a suitably British voice, and thankfully with Cornell, its properly British, not a cartoon version designed for Americans as so often gets editorially mandated. One of the best titles Marvel is putting out at the moment and its just started a new story arc. No one will laugh at you for buying a comic starring a character called Captain Britain.