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Well, the last issue shipped a few weeks ago, so I thought I’d go in for a bit of an overview of the noble project that was Ms Marvel.

While Ms Marvel has been a fairly long established character, even through her identities as Binary and Warbird, this has been her first solo series in quite some time.  It span out of the “House of M” event where, in the universe created by the insane Scarlet witch, Carol Danvers had been Captain Marvel and considered one of the best Super Heroes.  Remembering this other life she strives to be the best, this was pretty much a metaphor for the whole series, where the writers wanted to try and set Ms Marvel up as Marvel’s Wonder Woman.  Just as getting up from the B&C lists was difficult for Ms marvel so did selling a female fronted book prove difficult to Marvel.

Its actually been said that any female fronted book is a hard sell, I kind of hoped we’d be past that now but apparently not.  Even Stalwart titles from DC such as Wonder Woman and Birds of Prey struggle at times despite what is often critical acclaim and Ms Marvel too was loved by critics but seemingly not loved by the comic buying public.
Still, over the years we got some very good stuff, yes the hero with low self esteem is now an old concept but the real power in Ms Marvel was that actually, as a hero Ms Marvel was really good at her job, but still pretty unsure of herself regardless.  There were many nice touches, her Mentor relationship with Arana, for example really worked for me, and indeed her Civil War issues were some of the few that presented the pro-reg side in a positive light (Which writers on the main mostly failed to do).

One of the standout stories for me was the Secret Invasion tie-in, which largely involved Ms Marvel fighting Skrulls, a lot.  It was mainly about her grit and determination to survive (Again, analogous with the comic) but also full of action and some pathos.

Finally we have Dark Reign where for a few issues we have Moonstone in as Ms Marvel, closely followed by war of the marvels, both top reads.

End of the day sadly the will to continue failed and so Ms Marvel joins She-Hulk on the pile of good comics, no support.  However for people who like Female fronted comics Marvel appear to be doing more anthologies, one shots and Limited series.  I’ll be interested to see how that develops


Ms. Marvel

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My good mate Reilly 2040 has already posted a little on this, I’d check it out at

Well, the final issue of “The Death of Carol Danvers” arc hit, and its been a good arc, with her powers going wonky and her military past catching up with her ultimately leading to her exploding. Good arc, still not Happy with the end, I would have preferred her to take the villain with her or do some big sacrifice rather than just realise that she was going to explode and get as far away as possible. Similarly I’m dubious about now having the series fronted by moonstone.

However, I am a reasonable man and I am willing to give the moonstone fronted series a chance. Of course I harbour hopes that the Death of carol Danvers is a fake out and that she’s going to turn up as part of the seemingly bigger squad who will be ending the dark reign.

Not looking forward to the new arc, but It’s getting a chance to be good.

Ms Marvel Annual

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I have been picking up the Ms. Marvel title since it started in the wake of House of M and has been consistently entertaining. However I was sorely disappointed by the Ms. Marvel annual in this weeks pull list.

The story wasn’t bad, the art wasn’t my cup of tea, but here’s my gripe. It was distinctly short of Ms Marvel. Now I checked, It said Ms. Marvel on the cover, and only Ms. Marvel, ok it had a picture of her and Spider-Man on it, but I would expect a story with Ms. Marvel featuring Spider-Man. What I got was a Spider-Man story featuring Ms. Marvel. It wasn’t a bad story, but if you look at what I buy you see I pick up Ms Marvel’s solo titles while the only spidey a see is in New Avengers. If it had been called Spider-Man annual featuring Ms Marvel, I’d have left it on the shelf. Yes, I feel I was mis-sold, the issue had absolutely nothing for the Ms Marvel readers, Spidey got all the good lines and the bloody narrative of the story, Marvel turns up, tries to arrest him for being unregistered, then they fight a baddy. Looking at the issue spidey is on just about every page while Marvel barely features.

So, if you don’t care about Spider-Man, and follow Ms. Marvel, avoid the Annual. I’m off to complain to Marvel for false advertising.