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Trade fair Damnit

Posted in Coffee, Evil Big Buisiness, Fairtrade, Food, Supermarkets with tags , , , , on June 19, 2008 by pieman70

I like coffee, more than a man should perhaps, but i am also a wishy-washy namby-pamby loony-liberal. What this really means is that I like little ways of being slightly less cruel to the world around me and people I’ve never met. With my coffee, and with food as far as I can, I’ll go for fairtrade. Most high street chains respect this and offer fairtrade or, more normally, have fairtrade as standard. Starbucks do fairtrade pretty much by default, that’s starbucks, the evil ones. Now flavour wise fairtrade is no different to your unfairly traded coffee (Organic can change that but that’s a whole other argument) but it costs more because apparently if we want to treat farmers fairly we will have to pay for it rather than big companies taking small cuts in their massive profits.

Anyway, I was in sainsburys last night and was trying to pick up some coffee (Real stuff, instant is not coffee, its coffee flavouring) and I was particularly keen on a 2 for £3 offer, however in Sainsbury’s own range there are 4 fairtrade options out of about 15, A basic Colombian, and organic and a decaff equivalent of each. This is pretty much standard across all the major chains, and is in my view pretty unacceptable. Think of it this way, the only difference between the beans bought for Sainsbury’s Fairtrade Colombian coffee and its unfair trade equivalent, is how much the people producing it were paid. This seems absurd when you think about it, Sainsbury’s, or Tesco, or Asda, or Morrison’s, go to Columbia, and buy two sacks of coffee, for one they say “We’ll pay you £20 for this” and for the other, for Fair Trade, they say “We’ll pay you £100 for this” this must lead to some confused coffee producers. Its almost as if Fair trade is treated like a separate product, and there are few who are not guilty, Whittards don’t have a 100% fairtrade range of coffees, Taylor’s of Harrogate have no Fairtrade markings except on designated fairtrade brands and as previously specified all the major supermarkets have a mix.

So, to the Fairtrade people, I say stop this, don’t let people away with this anymore. I will look at buying Cafe Direct or that ilk if the supermarket won’t sell me fairtrade, so stop letting them away with this, I won’t hold them to 100% fiartrade yet, although the Co-Op is there with its own brand stuff, but don’t allow a fairtrade range anymore, deny them the use of your mark if they won’t buy all their coffee fairtrade.


A Harsh Master

Posted in Burgers, Food, Games, Life, Wife with tags , , , , on May 21, 2007 by pieman70

Had a very quiet weekend. On saturday night My Fiance had fallen asleep, saldy trapping me with her legs, started tuning out and nearly bought a Popcorn Machine and condyfloss machine off of QVC for about £20. Fortunately i remembered that it is often quite hard to flavour home made popcorn and so it tends to be quite bland, but making your own candyfloss, how cool is that.

Recently (Wednesday) I dug out the consoles, specifically becuase i’ve not had a really good run at any driving games in a while. So on the X-Box I spent a few days muckinga roudn with project Gotham Racing 2, and on the PS2 I later hit gran Tourismo 4Project gotham was fun and belting cars round city streets, doing poweslides was a laugh, but jumping from there into GT4 shows just how much of a harsh master Gran Tourismo is. Project gotham, while still valuing things like breaking and racing lines, has toned down its realism in favour of accessability. Seeing how much more punishing Gran tourismo can be is really an eye opener.

My beloved decided to treat me and bought several things from the Farm shop. We have Beef olives for tonight, which are so far superior to normal olives I now see no point in normal olives being used for anything other than oil and spread, and will now take being offered them as a very personal offence. The real treat was in the “Special Burger” that was bought. One of my life’s quests has been to find the ultimate burger (By burger I mean the full, meat in a roll with trimmings experience) TGI’s came close with the two patty’s, cheese, bacon and onion rings, and there used to be a place that did a triple burger that was 3 quarter pounders stacked. However teh sepcial burger will be the meat patty that should be in any ultimate burger, this one was prime angus beef, mixed in with tiny chunks of smoked bacon and also mixed in was black pudding. The result was amazing, made the flat smell like a butchers too which is an added bonus. Now if some eatery or other can incorporate 1 or more of these into a creation with cheese, bacon, possibly onion rings, and the correct combination of sauces, we may have the ultimate burger.