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Final Crisis

Posted in Comics, DC with tags , on July 27, 2009 by pieman70

final crisisReilly 2040 recently lent me the HC trade of DCs most recent big event, and I thought I’d put down a few thoughts about it, as well as on occasion compare it with the competitions event of around that time, Secret Invasion.

Final crisis was billed as “the Day evil won” and indeed on this front it delivers.  Evil has pretty much won by about the middle of the story, which sees most of the powerhouses of the DCU out of commission, with the GLs trapped off earth, Superman away engaged in a pretty hard to follow adventure, batman captured and wonder woman turned.  It’s all due to Darkseid, who I am partially familiar with as one of those uber-powerful bad guys.  He’s using the anti-life equation to drag the prime earth of the 52(ish) in existence down into some sort of hellish pit.  The build-up to this is pretty good and the main story where B-List heroes have to fight turned A-listers to protect the unaffected population is pretty effective.

My main issue is that it’s all a bit impenetrable for those unfamiliar.  The superman beyond tie in is almost impossible to follow and many other parts are obviously set for dramatic entrances or appearances, where really, as someone unfamiliar I’m left wondering “Who?”  It still makes for pretty good reading, as Grant Morrison was definitely trying to do something a cut above the standard summer blockbuster.  Sadly it is pretty hard to follow, particularly the superman bits, which are pretty impenetrable.  The ending is also a bit of a Deus Ex Machina.

I suppose it’s not really fair to Judge Final Crisis from a new(ish) reader perspective.  I am clearly not the target audience.  For DC fans this may have been a huge payoff, I hope it was.  For me, it was definitely better written, with more wild ideas and imagination than the slugfest of Secret Invasion, and it definitely has better pacing (Which even reading in full Secret Invasion is a mess) and better art.  In fact, in just about all aspects, save approachability, this is definitely a better book than SI.  But it’s not for new readers.


Do I not Have Anything better to Do

Posted in Comics, DC, Marvel, Music with tags , , , on May 14, 2007 by pieman70

Don’t go hanging out washing, my ankles and knees hurt which means there’s bad weather afoot.Watchec the Eurovision song contest on Sat. As always there were huge accusations of block voting, but in fairness, serbia was one of teh better entries (Although I quite liked the Finnish entry again this year and even quite fancied the large armed singer, but I’ll file that under I’m strange) Regardless of what peopel say, last year Finland proved that you get a good act who are already popular accross Europe and enter them in teh contest and they’ll take it. Obviously I have a rock Bias but think how much more enjoyable the contest would be if the following acts went on.

UK – Iron Maiden
Germany – Rammestein
Finland – Nightwish

Ok, so the chances of a stage surviving Rammestein’s liev act is minimal but woudl be great fun, and come on, to have Eddie stalking around the green room after would be worth tuning in on its own.Never thought Morrisy would give us a winner, he’s always had a bit of a British niche in his popularity and you don’t find teh germans or otehr european nations raving on about him as much as they rave about Iron Maiden, Black sabbath or Status Quo.Actually that would be cool, Status Quo doing our entry.In comics my standout issue of the week was Nova #2 the fact that they refrained from having him and Iron man fight, prefering to have a discussion on the merits of registration. I do feel that Bendis is partly to blame for the depiction of SHIELD bursting in on Luke Cage in his flat. Nova made me think, however that Anihilation should be how events are done, mainly contained but with impact later. Anihilation started as 4 4 part stories focusing on 4 characters during the initial attack of the Anihilation wave. These were Nova, The Silver Surfer, Super Skrul and Ronan. that then led to a 6 part series showing the Anihilation war. all great but most importantly for me, for 4 months I was picking up 4 extra issues, but then that dropped to 1 and what it means long term is taht I picked up Nova and teh Anihilation: Heralds 2 parter and will be picking up Anihilation, Conquest. For DC with countdown I hope it is just the 52 issue weekly comic tied with events taht occur in the DC universe but make sure you don’t have to read Countodwn to understant the events in Batman and vice versa.