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Posting from a Blackberry

Posted in Blogging, Internet with tags , on September 5, 2010 by pieman70

Last year I opened up a WordPress mirror site to mirror the existing Blogger version of this blog in order to circumvent my work’s internet blocking software. It didn’t work. I did keep the WordPress account open and running in tandem because frankly I wasn’t sure which one I preferred.

Recently I got my phone upgrade and opted for one of these new fangled smart phones although many would argue a BlackBerry curve is neither new or smart, could be worse I could have an Iphone. Anyway I wondered how easy posting would be for each site.

This was a disappointment. Google have a suite of applications in the Google mobile app but blogger is not one of those which is a little odd, this would be fine if the Blogger site was optimised for mobile browsing. It isn’t, in fact its unusable so basically posting on the move isn’t going to happen on blogger hence why this post is appearing on WordPress before blogger.

And over at wordpress it couldn’t be more different. I get a dedicated app which gives me most of the features I’d get on the web version plus the option to save drafts to the phone, handy when I’m on night shift in a dead zone. Overall a very satisfactory experience.

So, will blogger be dumped for this? No, typing a short post like this is sore on the thumbs, so web will still be my primary option, but this is nice to have. Get it sorted google.


I am the Faceless Blogger Woooooo

Posted in Blogging, Journalism with tags , on June 22, 2010 by pieman70

I thought, since I’ve written a bit of political stuff, I’d explain why I blog from behind the very attractive but ultimately faceless façade of the Pie Man.

What it boils down to is my job, now I’m not going to tell you what that is beyond its in civil engineering; those who know me know what I do.  The problem is twofold.

First, I do worry about my employers monitoring the net.  Other companies have done it, and while I can’t update my blog from work it is out there for all to see.  Even if I didn’t say what I did I doubt they’d be happy if their monitoring flagged up a critical article by their employees.  I like blogging, more than my job, but until people will pay me equivalent salary for this random emptying of my mind anonymous will have to do.  There are links between my real identity and my blog, but you’d have to find them (It’s not actually that hard but I’ll hardly tell you).  There have been existing cases of employees sacked over the content of their blogs, so I’ll at least make linking me with my blog that much harder.

Second, Lazy Journalists.  So, I write a piece critical of my company, or indeed my union near an upcoming strike.  When one or the other comes under scrutiny journalist have often searched for key words and phrases in the hope of finding some internal bitching.  This sort of thing got some MPs in trouble after their twitter feeds were followed last election.  Now this may seem like me seeming overly self important, but I don’t want to read an article stating “Worker in company X blasts management/unions” and a reveal of my name may well lead to a discovery of my employer.  This one is more pernicious.  While my company not liking what I’ve written I can defend by pointing out my relative anonymity and how I do not say it is the opinions of an employee, something hitting the presses on the other hand is harder, as in public my name and status as an employee would be front and centre.  To this end I do self censor a lot, both in blogs and forums, a shame because a couple of times saying I work where I work, or even quoting standards could have easily won arguments.  This I think is wrong.  I shouldn’t have to fear reprisals from what I post online, I would ask if ranting in the pub would receive the same scrutiny, but the only difference is I’m less likely to be near someone who can report it nationally while ranting in my local while on a blog it is there, and there for a good while.

I would like to see my right to express opinions about my work, employers and related gubbins protected, so that my boss can’t sack me for expressing opinion (Hell, I even have a comments section, that’s right to reply there you know) and I’d also like my blog posts to be protected by some form of copyright, namely that if anyone wants to use them they have to ask permission.  Its new legal ground and I’ll be interested to see how many sackings we get before something is done.