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Pick on the Little Guy

Posted in Beer with tags on July 30, 2009 by pieman70


In recent news, the Brew Dog brewing company has come under fire once again.  People with memories may recall they had previous trouble over the branding of their beer, namely that they claimed it tasted nice and was enjoyable to drink.  Both claims are true I might add, but it was considered irresponsible and to encourage binge drinking, fortunately they won the appeal.  Now they are being called irresponsible for marketing a stout called Tokyo Star, which at 14% is the strongest beer brewed in Scotland.

This ticks me off, because once again people go after the smaller brewers.  The Orkney brewery’s “Skull Splitter” beer received flack over its strength and its aggressive Viking themed packaging, however both Skull Splitter and Tokyo Star are craft ales, now while ale drinkers aren’t angels, we do tend to be more interested in flavour than just getting blottoed.  Hell, a 350ml bottle of Tokyo Star will set you back £6, that’s pretty pricy for  a binge session, and it’s a Stout, try binging on stout, I dare you, you’ll be too full to even contemplate antisocial behaviour.

Why does this tick me off, well, quite frankly, because people always seem to be going for the small firms producing craft ales, rather than the bigger contributors to alcoholism and binge drinking, cheap lager and cheaper ciders like White lightning.  In fact its odd, but no one has a go at Carlsberg, for saying their beer is drunk by cool popular guys, and all the major supermarkets still get away selling packs of cheap chemical lager at knockdown prices (often down below 50p a can) so, when £6 can get you 12 500ml cans of tennents or Stella, or 1 350ml bottle of Tokyo Star, what do you think your binge drinking lout will go for?

I honestly think regulating bodies and the press now stay away from  the big guys, pull up a big brewer like Carlsberg or Stella on their marketing and you’ll have a swarm of expensive lawyers set upon you, similarly if you push too hard at a major supermarket, so instead, as always the little guys get picked on.  It really cheeses me off.


Beery Goodness

Posted in Beer with tags on September 1, 2008 by pieman70

Summer is officially over.

The Houston Brewing company’s second festival of the year usually marks this and indeed it was its usual random self, with rides for children, a random band and, as usual lovely weather until around 5. Selection of beers wasn’t great but they had a real cider on.

Which made me think about Beer, obviously. Now by Beer I mean Ale, or a lager, but none of your Tetleys, none of your Carling, or Tennents, in short if its chemically stabilised and accelerated, leave it out.

Now in Scotland Ale isn’t always an easy find, although with the propagation of bottled ales it is becoming easier for pubs to make a shout on it, and the popularity of Good quality European biers is putting some pressure on the lager market (As can be seen by the way the usual big players are bringing out “Luxury” brands and trying to play up their own less chemical origins) however I won’t believe them until they are forced by law to print an ingredients list on the side.

So, how do you tell a real ale from commercial swill. Well, its not 100% but a good way to tell if anything is good, is if its being sold, or marketed ice cold, be it Magners over ice or Ice cold Carling there is only one reason to serve anything below zero and that is to numb the taste buds to mask the taste. Not that ale should be served warm, despite what Americans will tell you, it should be cellar temperature, or a few degrees off normal room temperature, like it was in a room where you’d consider a jumper.

Still, it was good to be on the real ale again and with the rise of beer geekism and snobbery hopefully they should become more prevalent as places try to look more cosmopolitan.

Tax It

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Gods I sound like some daily mail reading lunatic sometimes but this government’s current attatude to make us all bette rpeople is always Tax it.

We selfishly drive cars rather than use public transport, for the good of the planet people must be taxed off the road.
We binge drink causing many health problems, to prevent this Alcohol must be more expensive.

Why do I disagree with these measures (And others like them) first is the basic concept. Make somethings oe xpensive that the majority of people can’t afford to do it. In cars this means that peopel who live miles away from public transport (Rural areas, farmers etc) can’t afford to run vehicles and are effectively stranded (Although considering how london-centric government acts its amazing they know what a rural area is). It also has the look of money grubbing. But most of all is that this is a very unfair conciet. When you say tax people out of their cars and make binge drinking unaffordable, what you really say is that driving in your own car or getting roundly drunk are privelages of the rich, and not for the likes of you proles.

Notably the government tent to shy away from measures that may either cost money or more specifically not earn. For example rather than tax people off teh orad greater investment in public transport (Accross the board, longer trains, bigger park and ride facilities, more services and lower fares) might persuade poeple out of their cars in a way that is both more effective and more popular than an expensive satellite based vehicle tracking system. That in itself is a stupid idea since if we have to be taxed for using our cars we already have a very good system in place. It taxes people based on vehicle usage and fuel efficiancy, yes, we tax petrol.

Alcohol is a bit different, what the government fail to realise is that increasing the price of alcohol will just lead to increases in crime, smuggling, and people drinking substitutes such as hoem made moonshine or worse, meths. What needs to be done here is some airy fairey, liberal proto-psychological hogwash. In short we need to find out why the only joy in someone’s life is to drink their bodyweight in smirnoff ice on a saturday night. Perhaps we could look at the things that worry your average 18-50 year old, such as the lack of a pension since the funds were raided by, oh look, the treasury. Look at increasing insecurity of work, unaffordable housing, a promoted lifestyle that requires excessive working to fund even a basic existance, and lack of faith in a governemnt that is beset with lies, petty corruption and is grabbing at ever more of our civil liberties. Gods thinking about it makes me want to drink.

Battlestar Galactica

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Thought I’d cut form the innane ramblings of my general life to talk a little about Battlestar Galactica. I must warn you that spoilers will followI finished the 3rd season a couple of weeks ago, and even with a couple of slightly slow episodes (SOme of the cylon stuff as a little flat) its been cracking. We have Adama’s crazy plan of allowing teh galactica to plummet though teh new caprican atmosphere to launch Vipers, we have the classic pan away with teh Galactica being pummeled by base stars right before the shots from teh pegasus fly in. and in teh last 3 parts we have the trial of Gius Baltar, plus the extra mystery of the music, a particulalry effective device where certain characters hear snaches of music, indeed at first you think its a ramdom piece of music written for teh show, until near teh end of the episode, where just as the affected cast members click, you suddenly realise the tune is “Along the watchtower” Brilliant stuff.Heroes has also been blowing just about everyting away, but I’m stuck at episode 11 as my downloads of 11 and 12 have no soudn and i’m having tod o them again. grr.Life in the Marvel universe continues to develop in the Post Civil war area, despite reservations of the series, I think most woudl be hard pressed to deny that the MU is a far more interesting place post Civil War. You can whine on about Iron Man being “evil” and how badly written Spider man is, but tehr aft of exciting new stuff like Mighty Avenegrs, The initiative, Omega FLight and Loners really offset this. Plus the cosmic side grows out of the secret massive event that was Anihilation, with teh new Nova title being top notch anc Conquest on the horizon.In real life, my social calender continues to be full.Destiny has brought me a festival of beer. The paisley beer festival is a week on friday, and fate has destined me to go, see I have a trining course on Friday, in Paisley, so as well as a lie in I’m literally accross teh road from teh festival. Now all I need is some company, as the great Shatner said “Drinking alone is alcoholism”

Fog on the Tyne

Posted in Beer, Politics with tags , on June 4, 2007 by pieman70

Well was away in newcastle this weekend, off ofr a stag weekend along with the rest of the UK. FUn was had by all but, due to the only thing resembling an ale in the stag doo quarter being Newcastle brown I had a fairly major hangover on Sun, and due to knowing that I had about 3 hours of travel ahead of me I broke one of my cardinal rules and took Ibuprofen to get through a hangover. This isn’t a problem with Ibuprofen, but I’m a general believer of “Doing the Time” for my evenings trasgressions.

However I was somewhat unsurprised to learn that out Glorius leader to be has already been making marks that if anything he’ll be worse than his predecessor, so he wants to try and battle through the legislation to allow 90 days holding without trial. frankly 28 days is too long, bring in the judicial review he wants and what you in fact have is existing legislation with sloppy extras that leave it rife to abuse. Under the old (pre 28 day) legislation you could hold someone indefinitely providing you could majke a convincing weekly case to a judge taht it was necesary. He’s also been clearing out the records in teh hope that no one will realise the governments record in IT projects before his next push to get the unnececary ID cards pushed through, after all if we end up paying 5 billion and get anything like any other government IT system I think we may feel conned, just before our identities are plundered by teh first script-kidde to bluder into the system and we’re all locked up for 90 days without charge because our ID shows us to be near where some terror was being planned, despite the fact that we have several hudnred witnesses denying this.End of the day for the past 5 years the police, with no extra powers have successfully held off all but 1 and a bit terror attacks. We shoudl be celebrating our very well trained and efficiant police force rather than introducing draconian legislation that plays into the hands of both terrorists and power mad government.